[Advaita-l] Yato vaaco nivartante - limitations of literary criticism as a method of vedanta

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That such a thinking/seeing/desiring saguNa-Brahman has a mind, eye, heart, hands, etc. is the rich field of the imagination of a saadhaka/bhakta. All this is possible in this realm.  Shankacharacharya's Sutra bhashya references are available.   

Thank you very much for enabling me, thru your article, to do a quick mananam of the bhAshya exposition I had just finished hearing this morning.

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- Thank you, Sir, for quoting from the commentary. 

Earlier, to avoid making the post very long, I merely indicated the vishaya vAkya and avoided the commentary. Now, I can add the part that I had earlier avoided.

Sadhakas would observe that the concepts of saguNa Brahman and nirguNa Brahman are needed to explain the apparent contradiction; other instances require reference frames - vyaavahaarika and paaramaatmika - to explain the apparent contradictions. A saadhaka - to be differentiated from a logician, naiyyAyika, in this context - would intuitively grasp this.

It might be a good rule of thumb for a seeker in the early stages that whenever one encounters literary criticism - which is most often from the dvaitins nowadays - one has to resort to either frameworks or go back and check the entity being discussed - ISvara or Brahman.



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