[Advaita-l] Bhagavan Ramana and the pain of cancer

Bhaskar YR bhaskar.yr at in.abb.com
Thu Mar 18 06:33:26 CDT 2010

Is this whole conversation reported about Ramana an imagination of an
ajnAni?  If yes, then reading it is also avidyakRta and that we are
discussing this is also avidyaakRta.

praNAms Sri Subbuji
Hare Krishna

You start talking like a dvaitin now :-))  do you still have any doubt 
that this loukika & vaidika vyavahAra is kevala avidyAkruta from advaita 
perspective??  do you think jnAni still suffers from this avidyA vyavahAra 
to see the duality??  I'll ask you one simple question since you are 
holding jnAni's individual mind, body etc. close to your chest...tell me 
how can a body of a jnAni without having the strong feeling of an opposite 
sex can indulge in sexual activity?? You take your own example of talking, 
seeing, sitting, listening etc. of a jnAni & extend that to this scenario 
also, what would be  your answer??  your explanations in support of 
jnAni's individual body is as good as saying 'ramaNa' was a cook coz. he 
was cutting the vegetables at Ashram kitchen...rama had the strong feeling 
of his body hence he got the kids from seeta, krishna has the strong 
feeling of his body, hence he tried to throw sudarshana chakra at bheeshma 
in kurukshetra by succumbing himself to krOdha...Instead of giving undue 
importance to these socalled activities of jnAni, it is better to stick to 
the shruti vAkya which emphatically says when for the jnAni all has become 
one Atman, there who is to see whom, there who is to smell whom, there who 
is to taste whom, there who is to speak to whom, there who is to hear 
whom, there who is to think of whom, there who is to touch whom??  it is 
we, who are ignorant of that samyak jnAna attributing body, mind & 
intellect to the brahmavida jnAni...

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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