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Yes, there are other relevant forums to discuss these things. But not all of them are members of such forums.  For my part, I wont be involving in discussions on this topic. I merely post for awareness and I hope you people do the same by fwding it. - Thanks


Since it is a lengthy article, here are some highlights.

"What became evident to me was that there was “cooperation” in informal and unofficial ways among the media, police and lower level judiciary. In fact, many third parties were aware of the attack in advance and had warned his people before it happened with specific details of the plan. For instance, one of his top devotees got a phone call from someone based in New York describing the media and police attack that was to come. His predictions turned out to be accurate but at that time the ashramites did not take the threat literally. He said that for the right sum of money he could be helpful in preventing such an attack. He claimed that the planning for this attack had started a year ago. He mentioned that a budget of Rs 200 crores was allocated by some overseas groups to demolish Hindu gurus especially in south India, and named two south Indian churches as the nodal agencies to coordinate this strategic plan. (I am presently pursuing these leads as
 part of my book investigation.) "

". One TV woman promised the swami’s people “positive”
coverage if she got an exclusive. But after the interview, she betrayed and
turned it into more distortion and smut. This led Swami Nithyananda’s
handlers to give interviews to more stations in order to counteract this
distortion. But the more they said before TV cameras, the worse the scandal
became. One station was blatant in its threat to the swami’s assistant: “If
you don’t give us an interview right away, we will show you the power of the
media to destroy you.” At one point a major TV station also wanted to drag
in Ramakrishna Mission with similar allegations, but someone was able to
stop that."

"These common folks, mostly from the lower strata of Tamil
society, had walked 300 kilometers for this journey which they saw as a
spiritual pilgrimage. The reason for the anger of Christian and Dravidian
forces is that his activities have put a dampener to conversions in many
districts, and several Christians have return to Hinduism by getting
initiated formally into his organization. The swami himself has spoken
against conversions, and has also stated that the Dravidian movement had
made Tamil people unspiritual in their lives, and that this had caused
social decay. His Tamil language publications and courses have become his
most popular ones, far exceeding the numbers in English. Also he is a very
big threat because he is not a Brahmin. Because he cannot be targeted using
the classical attack on Brahmins, and because the masses in Tamil Nadu were
rising to swell his ranks, the threat he posed to the existing political
power structure had to be stopped one way or another."


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