[Advaita-l] On the forms of Guru

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Tue Mar 9 00:01:40 CST 2010

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> Lord Dattatreya had 24 gurus. How does that fit in this discussion?
> Regards,
> Sunil K. Bhattacharjya
Sir, all these had some or the other important teaching to give to that
Yogi.  Hence from his point of view all these 24 entities were carriers of
knowledge, teaching, and therefore venerable.

It could, alternatively, be said that the One ParamAtma chose these several
media to instruct this Yogi through the various teachings that influenced
his sadhana.

I think there is a similar kind of non-personal 'Gurus' teaching an aspirant
in the open school of nature and he became enlightened (Chandogya Upanishad
?) and his formal, personal Guru/Acharya only exclaimed upon seeing this
boy's splendor even without his formal teaching.


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