[Advaita-l] Shikha and Kundala

anupam srivatsav anupam.srivatsav at gmail.com
Fri Mar 5 21:50:42 CST 2010

Dear Sriram,

> I am planning on keeping the traditional tuft (Shikha) this August when I visit India again. I would like to know if earrings (Kundala) can be worn by Brahmacharis or if it is reserved for Grihastas. As I know, Kacchham (5 yards dhoti) is to be worn by Grihastas and simple dhoti by Brahmacharis.


Congratulations to your decision.  There is a vast difference between
what we read and what we practice.  It is indeed praiseworthy to
follow even a bit of what we read.  For example, viveka and vairagya.
Though many of us know the difference between sat and asat, though we
can seperate sat from asat, it is still a far way to go to have real
vairagya.  Practice makes things perfect.  Nice to keep to the
traditional ways, which help one to attain these real things
indirectly.  Keeping shikha etc are indirect helps (paramparayaa, na
saakshaat), not direct helps for viveka and vairagya.  Go forward.

With regards and best wishes,

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