[Advaita-l] Physical death of the Jnani and related issues

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Hare Krishna

Here is my observations in '>'

In the foregoing we have seen the *Scriptural evidence for the existence 
the Mind for the Jnani and Shankaracharya's confirmatory comments for the
fact of the mind existing for the Jnani till the death.

>  Out of context quote from chAndOgya..If we want to really know how 
jnAni is really amanaska though he appears doing all the activities, we 
have to study the kArika's 'asparsha yOga'(3-30 to 39) and relevant 
shankara bhAshya on it. I dont know, you may continue your argument even 
after reading this and say no this can happen only in pAtanjala's 
asaMprajnAta samAdhi or nirvikalpa samAdhi and when we see jnAni in action 
he must be having the mortal mind & identification with it.

It is in these sample instances that we can find the unmistakable evidence
for the concept of 'avidyaa lesha' for a Jnani, in Shankara Bhashya.

>  It is really surprising to see your undue linking of prArabda karma 
with avidyA lesha!! So, according to you, shankara who is jnAni and 
'unfortunately' written bhAshya has the avidyA lesha in him!!, ramaNa 
maharshi, who taught lot of people has the traces of avidya, our advaita 
paramparaa Acharya-s who have been spreading the knowledge of advaya jnAna 
were the patients of avidyA lesha!!??  what a tragedy prabhuji!! Now, how 
can we believe in the teachings of these mahAtma-s when they themselves 
were suffering from avidyA lesha??  how can we prove that their upadesha 
to us is devoid of that 'avidya lesha' ?? I think, Sri Vidya prabhuji's 
objections to Sri Anbu shivam is equally applicable here also... It is 
really regrettable to note that even though shankara insisting without any 
ambiguity that Atma vidya/brahma completely destroys avidyA, you are 
comfortably pasting the traces of avidyA to brahma jnAni also!!  This is 
as good as saying : 'I've the knowledge of the rope but tail of the snake 
is still troubling me :-))  This reminds me Sri Sadananda prabhuji's 
mouse-man's story to me.  Anyway, you are under the impression that you 
have already justified the 'avidyA lesha' in a brahma jnAni, there is no 
use in continuing this discussion.

> By the way prabhuji, when do you think this avidyA lesha also completely 
erazed in a jnAni?? is it 'after' the physical death of that jnAni?? 
please clarify.

Shri Bhaskar ji, pl. note this is what I had said regarding the 'kombu'. 
is the 'akhanDAkAra vritti'  that is likened to the kombu. That is the
dArShTantika and NOT the mind itself, as you have mis-comprehended from my

>  what exactly the mind you are talking here without 'any' vrutti-s?? can 
a mind exists without any vrutti??  We say in sushupti there is no BMI 
assosiation to the Atman... why coz. there is no vrutti jnAna in 
sushupti..Hence there is no mind...Moreover, when an ' akhandAkAra vrutti' 
itself dissolves like 'kombu', what mundane vrutti would be there to say 
jnAni has the mind with vrutti-s?? That is the reason why shankara gives 
the kAtaka powder example to prove the non-existence of 'individual' mind 
in a jnAni.  When jnAni realizes he is nothing but that :aprANo hymanaH 
shubra nirvikAri brahman, how can we still dare to attribute avidyA lesha 
to him??  how can we still see a separate individual mind identity from a 
jnAni??  For him mana is not mana it is Atman only nothing else (Atmanneva 
pashyati, sarvamAtmAnam pashyati)..Kindly dont build your arguments on 
'pashyati' to prove the individual mind of a jnAni. 

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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