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Jaldhar H. Vyas jaldhar at braincells.com
Tue Mar 2 23:31:47 CST 2010

Kiran Varanasi

I have recently started to study Indian philosophical texts (Upanishads) and I 
have become very interested in the Advaita tradition. I don't consider myself 
to be a religious person, and never had a religious upbringing as most my 
family members are atheistic.

S Kumar

Hailing from Kerala with lot of interest in philosophy. Did my graduation in
philosophy and presently Heading the HR function in a reputed group of
companies in Chennai

Dr.Kurri Pakirareddy

I am a retired consultant Psychiatrist retired on medical grounds in 2000 
after brainstem haemorrage in March 1999 at work. I got interest in Advaita 
from my 8th class secondary education from my first siritual Guru Sri 
Devabhaktuni Rangarao garu who happened to be my elugu teacher at BVR Board 
High school in Guntur district.This interest was retained during the rest of 
my life and improved after my retirement. I know very little bout Advaita 
vedanta may be 0.0001%. Still looking to know more and think of Sri AdiSankara 
of Kalady from God's own country namely Kerala where lot of divine people took 
birth. I am interested to be involved in this group with like minded people to 
know more about this universally accepted vedanta around the globe. May whom I 
consider 'The father of Sanathana Dharma' Sri Adi SankarAcharya, the 
incarnation of The Sankara Himself whose shakthi is Parvathi Maa together 
considered as Adi Dampatulu will remain known as long as this so called 
Creation exits on our Mother Earth exists.

Jaldhar H. Vyas <jaldhar at braincells.com>

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