[Advaita-l] Physical death of the Jnani and related issues

Vidyasankar Sundaresan svidyasankar at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 2 14:15:21 CST 2010

> praarabdha karma includes teaching you and me. If it is insisted that a
> Gnaani has BMI then there would not be any jeevanmukthas and one would only
> be advocating vidhEhamukthi. I do hold that Gnaanam is imparted in many
> ways unique to each mumukshu. Actually Bhagavan Ramana employed different

Au contraire, only if it is insisted that a jnAnI continues in the preconditioned BMI
can one even begin to talk of jIvanmukti. The straightforward meaning of the word
jIvanmukta is that this person is enlightened even when continuing to live in the
body. Continued functioning of the body and continued functioning of the mind are
accepted and described by no less than Sankara bhagavatpAda himself, as has been
shown through numerous quotations from the bhAshyas.

No advaitin (at least on this list) is suggesting that a jnAnI identifies with this BMI.
That would be a grave misreading of the intentions of those who say that a jnAnI
has BMI, because that is clearly not the intention of those who say that a jnAnI
does have a functioning body and a mind. 




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