[Advaita-l] Bh.Gita verse 18.73 - Was Arjuna an 'aparoksha Jnani'? - Part 4

balagopal ramakrishnan rbalpal at yahoo.co.in
Wed Jun 30 23:31:09 CDT 2010

The four 'varnas' are a guide to a person to identify one's strength and weaknesses and select the activities he can pursue more effectively. The 'satwa, raja & tamo ' gunas are used for the litmus test. Bhagavan has extensively covered this aspect. By practise, the choice was transferred from conscious to birth. That had its own impact on the society - both good and bad.  'Satva' guna was dominant in Arjuna when he was with the Lord, and hence was in the state of 'brahminhood'.

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