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> In anAdimatparambrahma (BG 13.13), Sankaracharya says mat is for metre.
> Krishna is intelligent enough to say anaditatparambrahma. If the lord used
> mat instead of tat, there is significance, right? anadi + matparam +
> brahma. Or in other words, Vasudevas is the lord of eternal jiva.

Please enlighten the list on the following :
Enlighten is a big word!
1. Are you reading the SAnkara bhAshya on the gItA in the original Sanskrit?
Yes, where possible.
2. Are you reading a translation of the bhAshya into another language?
3. If so, whose translation are you reading?
Yes. I read Alladi Mahadev Sastry and Gita Supersite for English. My
sanskrit is not good enough.
4. Or are you reading what a completely different publication attributes to

We can parse anAdimatparam brahma and what the bhAshya actually says about
once your assumptions are clearer to the rest of us.

The bhashya is very clear and the argument is quite sound. In essence,
Sankaracharya says that the objective of the verse is to negate all
attributes of Brahman including existence and non-existence. Hence, mat is
considered to be said by Lord Krishna for having enough syllables for
versification. My question is if versification is the only objective, then
the Lord could have said anaditatparambrahma. There must be a reason the
Lord uses mat instead of tat. What is the reason if it is not to say
that anadi+mat para+brahma meaning that the jiva is eternal and Vasudeva is
Supreme to him?  This interpretation also tallies with the Lord's opinion in
BG 7.5 that jiva bhutam is apara prakrti and mamaivamso jivaloke.  The Lord
says in 2.61 that a sthitha prajna also meditates on Vasudeva as the Supreme
(*tani sarvani samyamya* *yukta asita mat-parah* BG 2.61).

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