[Advaita-l] Arjuna Jnani?

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Arjuna was a jnani. Tha Lord says at the beginning of the chapter 2 that he (Arjuna), being moved by the thought of the  possible annihilation of his near and dear ones,  was not speaking like a jnani (though he really was). At the end of the Chapter 18 Arjuna admits that he had got his memory back (as his memory was refreshed by Lord's discourse). Thanks to Arjuna's lapse of memory that we have the Bhagavad Gita.

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According to advaita tradition, is Arjuna a jnani? I am told that it no. But
Sankaracharya in his commentary to 18.73, clearly says "By Your grace I have
achieved the goal of life. The idea is, there is no duty, as such, for me
(Arjuna)" Only a jnani can say this.
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