[Advaita-l] Two types of Atma jnAni-s & their approach to real

Ramesh Nagarajan rameshnj18us at gmail.com
Tue Jun 22 20:59:15 CDT 2010

Sadananda has given a beautiful explanation on gradation of Jnanis.

Atma ganam remains the same for the all who have realized the TRUTH.  The
atman as experienced by the person who have realized once is the same as
experienced by the Jeevan Muktha.  The gradation lies in how far the
realized person can abide in the TRUTH.  Jeevan Mukthas (such as Ramana
Maharishi)  pretty much abide in that state all the time (Sahaja Samadhi).
Others realized beings may have disturbances and would try and go back to
that state.  This may be due to various factors including previous vasanas.

However, once realized, the person would concentrate on maintaining that
state.  Why?  Atma Jnana brings about such a peace and bliss, and the person
clearly understands that this cannot be brought about by any object in this
world.  When the peace is lost due to disturbances, the person clearly knows
where to turn to gain that lost peace.  The realized has experienced both
the permanence (single reality) and the effect on depending on or under the
influence of the impermanence nature of Apara Prakarthi.  Having this first
hand experience, the realized person concentrates on maintaining that state
through nididhyasana.

We don't need to worry about the gradation in Jnanis.  Our goal should be to
realize the Truth at least once, which will guide us to abide in the Truth
for much longer periods of time.


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