[Advaita-l] Two types of Atma jnAni-s & their approach to real life situation

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Tue Jun 22 07:25:44 CDT 2010

Hare Krishna

Sri Subbu prabhuji, while answering my doubt on gradations in jnAni-s, has 
given the below definition and explained there can be two type of jnAni-s 
who are having the ONE & SAME Atma jnAna.  I would like to get more 
clarification & details of these two type of jnAni-s from the revered 
prabhuji-s/mAtAjis of the group (I am requesting Sri Subbu prabhuji also 
to throw more light on his view points)...I am more interested in knowing 
about the jnAni who would 'suppress' his emotions/feelings & who would try 
to jump to the status of jnAni No.1 !!?? ...Here is Sri Subbu prabhuji-s 
explanation for your ready reference :

// quote //

There can be a Jnani who is in the first category and another Jnani in the
second category.  For the first Jnani, anger arises and thereafter he 
it.  For the second Jnani there is no need to even quell anger as it does
not even arise in the first place.  The first one is a little disturbed; 
second is least disturbed.  This is one typical case where one can see the
real-life basis for the distinction between/across Jnanis.  And remember
both these states are WITHIN the daivee sampat.

The same can be said with desire, kAma, too.  There can be two mental
states, two minds, one where kAma arises and is quelled and another where
kAma does not even arise (when the stimulus is present).  Sjurely, the 
are products of prakrti, they are the results of samskaras.  They can be
improved upon, with effort, if one desires.  So, in this typical case, 
1 can put in efforts to have a state of mind that Jnani 2 enjoys. However,
it is emphasised that there is no difference in their Atma Jnanam and the
mukti/moksha that they have attained even when Jnanam dawmed.  All these
differences in mental states are relevant only during the life time of the
Jnani.  It can be very well imagined that for the same Jnani the two 
states can occur in different situations.  It is quite possible.  And only
this possibility opens the further possibility of one improving the
condition of the mind.  And that is what the crux of Jivanmukti viveka is.

// unquote //

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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