[Advaita-l] !!! Doubt about Tripundra Dharana !!!

Kale Balkrishna kale1972 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 18 03:29:13 CDT 2010


I have a doubt regarding Tripundra Dharana.

I have observed that Gopichandana is mixed into water befoer adding BHASMA
for Tripundra Dharana.

My question is ......

Why gopichanda is mixed ? Gopichandana is usually used by Vaishnavas for
applying Urdhvapundradharana.

Why a Urdhvapundra is applied on forehead after applying Tripundra ?

According to Vaishnavites Urdhvapundra which they apply for 12 parts of body
is to bring the Positive Energy from above Nabhi to the forehead. They claim
that applying Tripundra in horizontal lines nullifies the positive energy
reaching the Mastishka [forehead which is the home for brain]. They also
claim that the Tripundradharis thats why apply one Urdhvapundra to keep this

Learned please enlighten me on this issue.


Kale Balkrishna
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