[Advaita-l] The Four kinds of 'Mukti' compared with the 'Kaivalya' of Vedanta

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praNAms Sri Subbu prabhuji
Hare Krishna

Sorry for the belated query...after almost 20 days I am looking at the 
mails today.

23. The Gita teaches that all loka-s upto and including Brahmaloka are
   temporary.  VishNuloka and Shiva loka are no exceptions.

>  Which verse/chapter in geeta talks about these loka-s & their temporary 
nature?? kindly let me know.

27. Going to another loka for mukti is against the Shruti: न तस्य 
   उत्क्रामन्ति Brihadaranyaka Up. 4.4.6 which teaches the 
Jnani's subtle body
   does not leave the physical body at all upon death. 

>  sorry, could not get it!!  what happens to sUkshma shareera when 
jnAni's stUla shareera burnt or buried??  what exactly is the 'death'of 
the jnAni then if subtle body is intact in a jnAni??  what would be the 
intention of the shruti when it says 'the procedure' of death is same for 
both jnAni & ajnAni if jnAni's sUkshma shareera does not want to leave the 
physical body... 

So, there is no question of his traveling to some other loka for moksha. 

>  Yes, for the samyak jnAni there is no lokAntara/janmAntara/kAlAntara 
mOksha...but shankara clarifies there is a krama mukti for saguNOpAsaka-s 
and after mahApraLaya they would get the ultimate Atma jnAna in brahma 
lOka.  So, in some cases, lokAntara mukti in shankara vedAnta cannot be 
completely ruled out.

There is no partial realization of Brahman possible. 

>  Interesting...could you elaborate this little more prabhuji in the 
light of different types of brahma jnAni-s like vara, vareeya, varishTa 

41. The dispelled avidya will not return as there is no power that can
   cause its return

>  Again, little more elaboration requested in the light of 'jnAna (sorry 
) jnAna pravrutti daurbalya in the saMyak jnAni & sadhAna-s required to 
counter the jnAna pravrutti daurbalya...if the dispelled avidyA does not 
have the 'return path' what exactly causes the jnAna pravrutti daurbalya 
in the Atma jnAni?? 

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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