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Dear Satishji,
I did not like your sweeping statement regarding suggestion towards any improper work done by Lord Krishna. At the time of Rasaleela the age of Lord Krishna was between 8 to 11 years and it will be perversion to construe any sexual meaning to the Rasaleela.
Secondly Lord Krishna prayed for a son from Lord  Shiva who has to take the Samhara work for destroying the all-powerful yadus and who will be more suitable for that job than one coming with the powers of Lord Shiva.
Sunil K. Bhattacharjya

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the contrary Shuka took the question seriously and addressed it the way
>we have already seen.  He did not invoke the Yogamaayaa or taijasa 
Not one single reason given above were touched upon by 
Shuka.  Insead he
shared the apprehension of Parikshit and said that 
all and sundry cannot do
>what Krishna did; it would only beget sin

This is part if a trend to mystify everything whether it makes sense or not.

The Apastamba(or perhaps some other work) dharma sUtra says that in the past great people have done deeds which may not be dhArmic. However because of their lustre/tejas/tapas they were able to remain unaffected by all these.
Their acts should not be emulated.
Some acts of kR^iShNa - kAmadeva, reNukA, parashurAma etc. fall under this.

Is it required to struggle and stretch so much to defend everything.. even those that cannot be defended as dhArmic acts?

Another example is invention of a story in brahmavaivarta: Where some higher kR^iShNa comes and blesses shiva with a son and says that sometime later another kR^iShNa(or an amsa) will incarnate on earth and perform tapas to please shiva to beget a son.

Does it take long to guess why this story is invented and who did it? :-)



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