[Advaita-l] Temples , smArtha-s, vaiShNava-s

Satish Arigela satisharigela at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 6 23:15:26 CDT 2010

I certainly agree with some of your generic observations. Will send a personal email clarifying my tradition's exact position on some of these. Would also like to mention that at a personal level, I like shrI Velukkudi Krishnan for his erudition.
Of-course this does not necessarily mean those in my tradition would completely agree with each and every thing he said.

>And regarding pancharatric and hagiographical texts being cited, why not
 find out from a >pancharatrika archaka and someone in the sampradaya who
 is familiar with these instead >of randomly citing 2 separate aspects 
and linking them in a way that only suits one's >case?

Besides being an expert in pA~ncharAtra one of my teachers know a few pA~ncharAtrins closely and hence such confidence on some issues...though there is always more to learn and change one's opinion. There are other learned shrIvaiShNava-s though quite few in number who would hold a similar position as what I was saying. 

Let me also assure that though it may look like a hasty response to shrI Velukkudi Krishanan's comment, there is a few years of background work behind those comments.
This is not the first time I heard that position and I personally believe I did some home work on this from the point when i came across this pativrata position few years back.

The alternate rAmAnuja's hagiography was given an interesting aside..it wasn't posted to support anything that I said..and I personally do not see how it can support any of my comments.

Will take this offline from now on...


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