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Dear Subrahmanianji,
Ramanujacharya was a great scholar and most likely he forgot at that time that in the Mahabharata Arjuna prayed to Lord Shiva saying " Namah Shivaya Vishnurupaya Vishnave Shivarupine" and also that  an Upanishad (out of the 108) says that Shiva's heart is Vishnu and Vishnu's heart is Shiva. In our community in all pujas we say "Namah Shivaya Vishnurupaya Vishnave Shivarupine, Anaadi Jagadeeshaya Namo Hari Haratmane"
Sunil K. Bhattacharjya

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> Shriman Subrahmanyam
> ---------------------
> Also,  I have come across orthodox Srivaishnavas (Iyengars) who visiting a
> smartha temple by chance would not take teertham or any other prasadam given
> by even brahmin priests!!   Are the non-brahmin priests allowed to use
> vedicmantras for worship?
> --------------------------
> Traditionally smarthas go both to shivalayam and vishnugruham.  In
> vishnugruham, teertha prasadam is given as prasadam and in shivalayam
> vibhuti is given as prasadam. Srivaishnavas normally go only to vinnagaram.
> I could not comprehend as to what is meant by a smartha temple
> Radhe Krishna


By smartha temple I mean temples where Ganapati, Subrahmanya, Shiva,
Parathi, Dakshinamurti, and sometimes Vaishnava deities like Rama, Vishnu,
Lakshmi, Anjaneya, etc. (some cases) along with Shankaracharya, Sharadamba,
etc are installed.  The temple, typically, is run by Smartha foundations and
the archaka is also a smartha (if Tamilian, Iyer and if non-Tamilian, any
Kannada or Telugu smartha).

I know that Srivaishnavas go ONLY to Vishnu temples.  I heard recently Sri
Velukkudi Krishnan Swamigal addressing a group of followers/admirers in the
US or Canada (where he toured last year) on this subject.  He reasoned thus:
A pativrataa stree is loyal to ONLY her pati, husband.  And a Srivaishnava
is like this.  He would go ONLY to Vishnu aalayam and NOT to Shiva aalayam.
He quoted an incident from Sri Ramanuja's life.  It seems he was walking on
a road when it suddenly started pouring.  He took shelter just outside a
Shiva temple and someone from the temple asked him to come inside and get
complete protection from the rain.   Sri Ramanujar refused to enter the
Shivaalayam and gave the above reason of a pativrataa.

What I mentioned about prasadam is what I have seen myself.  In all Smartha
temples tirtham is definitely given, at least in the Karnataka region.  This
is the abhisheka tirtham of that day.  On occasions like maargazhi (dhanur)
maasam sakkarai pongal and any other special prasadam is also given.  In
fact paal abhishekam and a variety of other sevas are conducted in these
temples and these prasadams are given to all people who come to the temple.
In fact Sri Velukkudi Krishnan even quoted a puranic tale where Shiva was
cursed by Bhrigu (?) that no prasadam will be given in his temples excepting
vibhuti.  Anyway, the ground situation is not such at least as I see.

I am not making any objection to the practice of the Srivaishnavas.  It is
their prerogative. I have also seen a number of Madhvas visiting the
Shankara Mutt, Bangalore during Navaratri and all fridays.  They would visit
only the Sharadamba shrine and not Shankaracharya shrine. Quite

Best regards,

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