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Shriman Jayanarayanan
"There are specific rules laid down in the Shruti and Smriti that only Brahmins should officiate as priests in Yajnas and Homas. But are there similar commands laid down in the scriptures (in the Agamas for instance) that only Brahmins can perform priestly temple worship?"

When agamas are referred, it can be shivagama or vaishnava agama

the position as to vaikhanasa and panchararatra is clarified in the following url


May someone clarify the position as to shivagama

Shriman Subrahmanyam

Also,  I have come across orthodox Srivaishnavas (Iyengars) who visiting a smartha temple by chance would not take teertham or any other prasadam given by even brahmin priests!!   Are the non-brahmin priests allowed to use vedicmantras for worship?

Traditionally smarthas go both to shivalayam and vishnugruham.  In vishnugruham, teertha prasadam is given as prasadam and in shivalayam vibhuti is given as prasadam. Srivaishnavas normally go only to vinnagaram. I could not comprehend as to what is meant by a smartha temple

Radhe Krishna

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