[Advaita-l] bharata or lakshmaNa who is elder ??

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Email from someone who has studied the Ramayana:

"The verses in the 18th Sarga of Baalakaanda of Vaalmiki-Ramaayana state that Rama was born in Punarvasu-Nakshathra, Bharatha in Pushya (the next) and the two children (dual used) of Sumithra in Aashlesha-star (the one immediately following Pushya)."

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> praNAms
> Hare Krishna
> Y'day I was listening to Sri Bannanje GovindAchArya's
> pravachana on 
> rAmAyaNa..He makes one important observation against
> popular belief that 
> bharata is elder to lakshmaNa...He says bharata is infact
> younger to 
> lakshmaNa and there is not even a single sentence that
> proves that bharata 
> is elder to lakshmaNa in mUla vAlmeeki rAmAyaNa. 
> OTOH, when rAma & 
> lakshmaNa both return after rAvaNa vadha to ayOdhya bharata
> offers praNAms 
> to 'both' rAma & lakshmaNa addressing them as
> 'arya'.  He also says that 
> lakshmaNa and shatrugna are not twins & there is 9 to
> 10 months gap 
> between their birth :-))  and there is no mention of
> 'lakshmaNa rekha' 
> episode as such in mUla rAmAyaNa...Would appreciate any
> valid inputs with 
> regard to this.
> Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
> bhaskar
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