[Advaita-l] Brahmins and Vaishnavas

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I am of the opinion that our shastras -that part of the code of conduct for 
day to day living -can not be applied to now a days work situations -say a 
Brahmanan has to wear panchakacham and uthariyam,perform agnihothram, should 
have just enough clothes only to sustain himself -say only a pair of 
dresses-perform rituals like yathra dhanam every time one goes on a tour 
etc.May be you are aware of these things .If you may ask for Vedic 
references which I do not have readily but these are followed by the 
priestly class only may be with exceptions.Our shastras are well founded and 
they will definitely give sukham if they are followed verbatim ,no doubt 
about it.But in these days of changed in  value system they-the 
guidelines/injunctions regarding day to day life are difficult to follow if 
not impossible.This was my point.Idid not mean they are obsolete.I rest with 
these observations just to remove any misunderstanding regarding application 
of our shastras to good living.R.Krishnamoorthy.
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> On Fri, 30 Jul 2010, sriram wrote:
>> Dear Members
>> I think we are all digressing too much.There is no end to such 
>> discussions as we can not apply our Sastras to these new phenomena which 
>> are bound to happen as time passes.
> If this is so then our shastras are mere fossils and we should abandon 
> them for something more worthwhile.
> But they are as relevant today as ever.  The phenomena is not even 
> particularly new as the same questions would have arisen in the Muslim era 
> or even after Alexander the Great and the Greeks.
>>We have to be pragmatic and say that anyone who is after search of 
>>Truth/Brahman is a Brahmanan.
> Being a Brahmana or not is to do with the body.  The whole point of Brahma 
> jignasa is to go beyond this limited identification.  You are not doing 
> the searchers of Truth/Brahman any favors by mixing them up with 
> Brahmanas.  That is not pragmatic at all.
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