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> This website has questioned Brahmanas
> today. Have they become Sudras?
> http://gosai.com/writings/the-ontological-position-of-the-vaishnava-over-the-brahmana

I admire the frank and scholarly discussions in that site. But I believe the conclusion is misplaced: "The followers of Mahaprabhu hailed from all walks of life, thus confirming that the transcendental designation of 'Vaisnava' is above the social laws of varnasrama."

How then can one explain the following verse from the Vishnu Purana (Book 3, Chapter 8):

varNAshramAchAravatA purushheNa paraH pumaan.h .
vishhNuraaraadhyate panthaa naanyaat.h tattoshhakaaraNam.h ..

"The supreme Vishnu is propitiated by a man who observes the institutions of caste, order, and purificatory practices: no other path is the way to please him."


> A is a Brahmin settled in USA. He has crossed ocean and he
> is working
> for foreigners. Sudra Vrutti.
> B is white American come to India and doing devotional
> service in Iskcon temple.
> C is Indian non dvija doing devotional service in Iskcon
> temple.
> How is A better than B and C? Iskcon says B and C are
> converted to
> Brahmanas but  A converted to Sudra.
> Any counter arguments from learned members ?
> Regards
> -Venkatesh


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