[Advaita-l] Anya Devata

Satish Arigela satisharigela at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 29 03:38:04 CDT 2010

>You are right, if we go by the verse : karAnguli naKhOtpanna narAyaNa 
>dashAkrutiHi etc. in lalita >sahasranAma we have to say nArAyaNAdi dashAkruti-s 
>have been eminated from finger tip of the lalitaa tripura >sundari devi :-))

I  am not a shrIvidyA person but sometimes such poetical constructions are  made 
to drive home a technical point in the upAsana of that particular  devata. They 
should not be taken literally as they can make one  fanatical or obnoxiously 
sectarian. On the flip side they cannot be  brushed aside as exaggerations...if 
one does, most likely they are  missing a great hint in understanding the nature 
of the devata and can  miss-out(or it will take forever) on the mantra-rahasya 
or mantra siddhi  i.e. loosely translated as "complete union with the devata."

So  they should be treated with caution & balance and with the help of a  
learned tAntrIka teacher those technical points or hints can be  deciphered.

> Could these names, Durga, etc., be associated with PaarvatI, the consort of
> Shambhu, Shiva?

>None of the names, as far as I see, have any characteristics of Parvati...
>Bhavani, Haimavati, Parvati, Dakshayani, Sati, etc.

The  dhyAna of a certain durgA goes like this: Three eyed, adorned with  
crescent moon .. various attributes and with "sadAshiva by her side".  The 
dhyAna-s of all durgA-s are similar with variations in number of  hands, weapons 

Same attributes to pArvatI: Three eyes, with moon etc.. so no need for the 

Looks like we are deviating too much from the original.. so last post.


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