[Advaita-l] Anya Devata

Ramanan Subramanian prahladadasa at gmail.com
Thu Jul 29 01:53:37 CDT 2010

> In the Srimadbhagavatam, Krishnavataram, there is the mention of the birth
> of Yoga Maya, a girl child to the / a wife of Nandagopa.  This child was
> brought to Mathura where Devaki-Vasudeva were imprisoned.  Kamsa tried to
> kill this girl baby.  The girl flew up from Kamsa's grips and revealed that
> She would be worshiped in the world with these names:
> durgeti bhadrakALi iti vijayaa vaiShNavi iti cha |
> kumudA chaNDikA kRShNA madhavee kanyaketi cha ||
> mAyA nArAyaNI cha IshAnA shaaradEtyambiketi cha |  10.2.11 - 12
> Could these names, Durga, etc., be associated with PaarvatI, the consort of
> Shambhu, Shiva?

None of the names, as far as I see, have any characteristics of Parvati...
Bhavani, Haimavati, Parvati, Dakshayani, Sati, etc.

> The Lalita Sahasra Nama has this one name for the Mother:  PadmanAbha
> sahodarI (280 / 281).

Well, when I look for conclusive evidence, I usually want something that
will convince the critical/skeptical opponent, if possible (I am not saying
I am one). Critics/Skeptics may say that Lalita Sahasra Nama does not have a
commentary before 17th Century which is pretty recent, plus Sri Satish
recently told on this thread that the text is of tantric origin and was
appended to a Purana later.

The same problem is with Krtis written after 17th Century.

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