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Sri Krishna  Ghadiyaram wrote:
“Would some learned members throw light on references to the Varna Kramam (Namo 
Brahmane, Devi Saraswati, Namo Vishnave, Esha Lakshmi, Namah Sivaya, Durgam 
My understanding from the scholars of Mattur is that this is an extremely detailed krama  that breaks down each word into individual letters and describes its usage, meaning and derivation, as well as devatā and chhandas. It consists of 4 kramas or steps, ultimately describing the 26 parameters of each syllable: Vikriti Patha, Pada Krama, Adhyayana karma, artha karma, describing sthānam, devatā, chhandas, prayatna, niṣpatti (derivation). It is seen in vidvadgoṣṭhis and is primarily the domain of mimamsakas-such an elaborate analysis of every letter of the veda is of most interest to those who are focussed on veda rakshaṇam particularly from the ritual aspect. Whilst interesting , for those whose prime interest is Vedanta, it is probably more detail than needed.
There is a Bangalore institute attempting to bring out publication of the varna karma patha of Tattiriya Sakha along with other works that help analyse this Sakha in full detail. You can find a weblink below. I am sure they would welcome any financial/other support from interested sadhakas in the publication of these works
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