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25th July, 2010

Thank you for publishing my profile and interest in Advaita philosophy. I invite to join me all the philonthrophic and like minded persons to revive the vedic culture in India and help the mentally sufferring persons and advocated by the wellbeing foundation created for the sake of sharing the global burden of mental health. A good thinking leads to wellbeing of the individuals in the society. 
Please go to the websites : Wellbeingfoundation.weebly.com/index html and http.// wellbeing foundation.webs.com for more details on mental health and wellbeing activities of this foundation. 

Please send this message to the wellwishers and philonthrophists for liberal donations and sharing the concern for mental health and wellbeing through this foundation. 

Mrs.Bagirathi Ramanathan from Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu, India 

On Sun, 25 Jul 2010 04:08:00 +0530  wrote
> I am a practioner of counseling psychology and HRD and use advaitha 

vedantha in my practice. As a student of logic and Indian Philosophy I am 

interested in Indian thinking and logic aspects and more from advaithic 

approach. The logical derivation of truth with various sub-methods in 

Advaitha helps every one to think well and understand the facts much 

better to behave well in the actual society. A health soceity is created 

by healthy thinking and wellbeing of the individuals and hence the 

vedanthic study especially the sankara advaitha helps one to have a 

errorless thinking and wellbeing of one in any society. I am able to think 

logically well and understand the world reality and truth for my wellbeing 

in this soceity.

Mrs.Bagirathi Ramanathan


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