[Advaita-l] A Tribute to Veda Vyasa - Guru Poornima

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Sat Jul 24 20:18:17 CDT 2010

श्रीगुरुभ्यो नम:

व्यासाय विष्णुरूपाय व्यासरूपाय विष्णवे ।
नमो वै ब्रह्मनिधये वासिष्ठाय नमो नमः ॥

Salutations to Veda Vyasa, the pillar of Vedic tradition.  Today is Vyasa
Poornima and all aastika-s worship this Great Acharya in way of thanksgiving
for the invaluable grace Veda Vyasa showered on humanity. He classified the
infinite Vedas into four divisions so as to enable ordinary mortals to
attempt to study them and benefit from their immaculate wisdom.  Veda Vyasa
composed the Mahabharata, the eighteen Puranas and the Brahma sutras.

All traditional Sannyasis commence a period of Chaaturmaas today after
worshipping Veda Vyasa.  They will spend the period of two months in tapas,
study, expounding the scriptures, etc. remaining in one place.  It is a deed
of great merit to  have darshan of such Sannyasis during this period and
seek their blessings. To attend to their classes would be highly rewarding.

The following URL contains an article on Veda Vyasa:


गुरवे सर्वलोकानां भिषजे भवरोगिणाम् ।
निधये सर्वविद्यानां दक्षिणामूर्तये नम: ॥
शंकरं शंकराचार्यं केशवं बादरायणम् ।
सूत्रभाष्यकृतौ वन्दे भगवन्तौ पुनः पुनः ॥

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