[Advaita-l] A coincidence?

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A coincidence it looks like.

>Is there any way to connect the Bhashya usage and the 'Sri Lalitaa sahasra
>nAma stotram' usage?

If one want to, the connection can be made. No harm in making such a connection 
and deriving Ananda

from it. LS also has names like mithyAjagadiShThAnA.. with which vedAntins can 
relate to..LS is not the only place where such terms occur. 

These words also occur in other mAlA mantra-s and other stotra-s of shiva also. 

>The 'Sri Lalitaa sahasra nAma stotram' is said to be a part of the
>BrahmANDapurANa uttarakhanDa within a dialogue between Sri Hayagreeva and

It was attached to the brahmANDa purANa later. Some orthodox smArta brAhmaNa-s 
in the North who do not affiliate themselves with any shankara maTha, look upon 
the lalitopakhyAna as part of the tAntrIka work by name lalitArchana-chandrikA.

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We know that Shankara Bhagavatpada has used the term:
'nitya-shuddha-buddha-mukta-svabhAvaH' a number of times across His
Bhashyas. One instance, for example, is in the Bhashyam for the Bh.Gita
verse 15. 17.

In the  'Sri Lalitaa sahasra nAma stotram', in the 45th verse  we have:

*नित्यमुक्ता* निर्विकारा निष्प्रपञ्चा निराश्रया ।
*नित्यशुद्धा नित्यबुद्धा* निरवद्या निरन्तरा ॥

We have all the three  highlighted words used in the Bhashya expression with
the 'nitya' as the prefix.

Are there any references to these terms *in one place *in any of the

Is there any way to connect the Bhashya usage and the 'Sri Lalitaa sahasra
nAma stotram' usage?

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