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> Respected Shri Subrahmanian,
> > And in a
> > particular span of an avatara, it is the karma of those jivas that happen
> to
> > be present during that avatara, where the life of that avatara is also a
> > part of that creation.
> Is there pramANa for this? Which Upanishad/Smriti/Itihasa/Purana says so?
> Do
> you have a clear citation with verse number etc.?

When Ishwara decides to take an avatara, destiny does it in such a way that
all those jiva-s that are to be affected by that avatara, positively or
otherwise, will be available in the span of that avatara's lifetime.

It is not difficult to conclude that since the life-events of a jiva in a
particular span is dependent on /determined by prArabdha, and in that span
any event that is linked to the avatara is to be deemed to be determined by
prArabdha.  We have several events of various persons getting shaapa
vimochanam, redressal of problems, etc. by the direct intervention of the
avatara - Krishna or Rama.  The Trivakra, the woman who supplied perfumes to
Kamsa, for instance, was cured of her deformity by Krishna physically
straightening her body.  This deformity was a result of her karma and the
redressal also has to be the result of karma alone.  And the mode/cause of
that redressal is also part of her prArabdha.  That way, all those persons
who had their shaapa vimochanam ( like NaLa kUbara and Manigreeva released
from their tree - lives, NRga, a lizard released from its form, etc. etc.)
effected by the avatara, Krishna, had this event as part of their
prArabdha.  So their lives and Krishna's avatara life are intertwined and
this is a part of creation.  If X is destined to be blessed/cured/killed by
an Avatara, for this destiny to take effect, the avatara should be available
in the life-time of X.  That way destiny, prArabdha, decides all this and
makes it possible.

Of course by saying all these I am not closing the door for puruSha prayatna
or free-will.  There is a verse:  atyukaTaiH puNya-pApaiH ihaiva phalam
ashnute [One will reap the fruit of extreme puNya karma or papa karma in
this life itself - the fruition  of the action will not be postponed to a
different life.]

It is also true that the avatara itself is a creation, a phala, of the karma
of the samasthi jiva-s.  It is their karma that determines the timing of
arrival, span and end of the avatara.  All that happens to that avatara are
thereby determined by the samashTi prArabdha.  Krishna was related to so
many people as father, husband, cousin, brother, in-law, friend and so on.
All these people had it in their praarabdha to be related to Krishna in
those many ways.  For one mRtyu comes in the form of Krishna.  For another a
blessing arrives throu Krishna.  The nimittam, cause, of any naimittika,
effect, is prArabdha-dependent.

Is it not true that when Jaya-Vijaya were cursed, the Lord assuaged their
feelings assuring them that He will be the cause of their death in the three
lives they will be taking?  Is there not a pre-determination here about the
yet-to-come avatara-s and the yet-to-come births of the duo and the
interlink between the two events?

*SB 3.16.26* <http://vedabase.net/sb/3/16/26/en2>: The Lord replied: O
brahmanas, know that the punishment you inflicted on them
(Jaya-Vijaya) was*originally ordained
* by Me, and therefore they will fall to a birth in a demoniac family. But
they will be firmly united with Me in thought through mental concentration
intensified by anger, and they will return to My presence shortly.

*SB 3.16.27* <http://vedabase.net/sb/3/16/27/en2>: Lord
Brahma<http://vedabase.net/b/brahma>said: After seeing the Lord of
Vaikuntha <http://vedabase.net/v/vaikuntha>, the Supreme Personality of
Godhead, in the self-illuminated Vaikuntha
<http://vedabase.net/v/vaikuntha>planet, the sages left that
transcendental abode.

*SB 3.16.28* <http://vedabase.net/sb/3/16/28/en2>: The sages circumambulated
the Supreme Lord, offered their obeisances and returned, extremely delighted
at learning of the divine opulences of the

*SB 3.16.29* <http://vedabase.net/sb/3/16/29/en2>: The Lord then said to His
attendants, Jaya <http://vedabase.net/j/jaya> and
Depart this place, but fear not. All glories unto you. Though I am capable
of nullifying the brahmanas' curse, I would not do so. On the contrary, it
has My approval.

*SB 3.16.30* <http://vedabase.net/sb/3/16/30/en2>: This departure from
Vaikuntha <http://vedabase.net/v/vaikuntha> was* foretold by*
the goddess of fortune. She was very angry because when she left My abode
and then returned, you stopped her at the gate
<http://vedabase.net/g/gate>while I was sleeping.

*SB 3.16.31* <http://vedabase.net/sb/3/16/31/en2>: The Lord assured the two
Vaikuntha <http://vedabase.net/v/vaikuntha> inhabitants,
Vijaya <http://vedabase.net/v/vijaya>: By practicing the mystic
yoga<http://vedabase.net/y/yoga>system in anger, you will be cleansed
of the sin of disobeying the brahmanas
and within a very short time return to Me.

*SB 3.16.32* <http://vedabase.net/sb/3/16/32/en2>: After thus speaking at
the door of Vaikuntha <http://vedabase.net/v/vaikuntha>, the Lord returned
to His abode, where there are many celestial airplanes and all-surpassing
wealth and splendor.

*SB 3.16.33* <http://vedabase.net/sb/3/16/33/en2>: But those two
gatekeepers, the best of the demigods, their beauty and luster diminished by
the curse of the brahmanas, became morose and fell from
the abode of the Supreme Lord.

*SB 3.16.34* <http://vedabase.net/sb/3/16/34/en2>: Then, as
Vijaya <http://vedabase.net/v/vijaya> fell from the Lord's abode, a great
roar of disappointment arose from all the demigods, who were sitting in
their splendid airplanes.

*SB 3.16.35* <http://vedabase.net/sb/3/16/35/en2>: Lord
Brahma<http://vedabase.net/b/brahma>continued: Those two principal
doorkeepers of the Personality of Godhead
have now entered the womb of Diti <http://vedabase.net/d/diti>, the powerful
semen of Kasyapa <http://vedabase.net/k/kasyapa>
Muni<http://vedabase.net/m/muni>having covered them.

*SB 3.16.36* <http://vedabase.net/sb/3/16/36/en2>: It is the prowess of
these twin asuras [demons] that has disturbed you, for it has minimized your
power. There is no remedy within my power, however, for it is the Lord
Himself who desires to do all this.

*SB 3.16.37* <http://vedabase.net/sb/3/16/37/en2>: My dear sons, the Lord is
the controller of the three modes of nature and is responsible for the
creation, preservation and dissolution of the universe. His wonderful
creative power, yogamaya <http://vedabase.net/y/yogamaya>, cannot be easily
understood even by the masters of yoga <http://vedabase.net/y/yoga>. That
most ancient person, the Personality of Godhead, will alone come to our
rescue. What purpose can we serve on His behalf by deliberating on the

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