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Respected all,

Bhaskar-ji has explained well about bimba-pratibimba. I am no expert but would like to submit the following:

One does not dispute that the JnAni 'knows' that he is none other than the One Consciousness as in "brahmaiva na brahmavit". This (He) is the 'kevala chaitanyam".

But equally so the manifestation of that Consciousness (or his consciousness or for that matter the Consciousness that impels all our minds) through his mind is 'reflected consciousness'. By dint of prArabdha his mind continues to reflect Consciousness which is but One (not now, not earlier, not in the future but always) until fall of the body. This is compared by Sri BhagavatpAda (in His VivekachUdAmaNi) to  an arrow that has been released. It has to continue its line until the driving force is exhausted.

While That Consciousness  impels a JnAni it also impels ajnAnis equally. They don't realise It or haven't realised It. This then (I feel) is the difference sought by Sri Mahesh. Their 'minds' (belonging to them from ajnAni's point of view, not from their's. According to them 'I' = 'Chit'), being cut from the root of avidyA , is 'equivalent to' that of Iswara's. This is more so in respect of a Srotriya brahmanishTa and even more so in such a one Who is an avatArapurushA as Sri BhagavtpAda. Thus their words are but the Sruti itself. Sri Subbu-ji has elaborated this nicely.

If I have said anything wrong please do correct me.

Vidyashankar Krishnan
(different from Vidyashankar Sundaresan in name and form)

Om tat sat

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