[Advaita-l] Anadimatparambrahma

Vidyasankar Sundaresan svidyasankar at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 21 14:23:32 CDT 2010

> Now I am exploring akSara = Adi mAyA, to see if consistent reading of gItA can
> be obtained. So far it seems to be okay. As mentioned in the last post, this
> does make param brahma subbordinate to uttama puruSa. But I do not see
> that as a major issue (so far).
> Note: The initial concept of "akSara = mAyA" is directly from sankara bhaAshya 
> on 15.16.

Namaste Shrinivas,


I meant to respond to this mail quite a few days ago, but got distracted with other
things. To me it seems that the usage of akshara in gItA verse 15.16 is a special
case, as it is only there that akshara purusha is identified with kUTastha. Almost
all other usages of akshara in Sruti and smRti refer to parabrahman. As a matter of
textual interpretation, I would be wary of extending the special usage in one place
to all general cases elsewhere.


Coming back to anAdimatparam brahma, there is still what is called pada-sangati
to consider - the consistency and continuity of meaning within the verse. We have
to constantly keep the first line in mind before parsing anAdimatparam. In this verse,
brahman is to be known (jneyaM yat tat), knowing which confers immortality (yaj
jnAtva amRtam aSnute). As per my reading of the verse and the commentary, I
submit that this can only be consistent with parsing anAdimatparam as anAdimat +
param, rather than as anAdi + matparam. The reasons for this have already been
covered in previous posts on this thread. 





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