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Dear Subhanu,


Thank you very much indeed for posting this link, for introducing the list members
to Swami Yogananda Sarasvati from France and also for breaking your long silence

on this list!

The documentary is a treasure and a must-have for anybody who holds Sankara
bhagavatpAda in high esteem, whether they are advaitins or otherwise. It carries
interviews and messages not only from the Sringeri Jagadguru Sankaracharya and
the current administrator of the Sringeri Matha, but also a number of other key
people with close connections to the past and present history of Kaladi - the chief
of the erstwhile royal family of Travancore, the chief Swami of the Tekkematham,
the descendants of the families traditionally associated with the life of Sankara,
the people maintaining the lovely temples associated with Sankara's life etc. 


For more details on the Tekkematham and the local Kerala legends around it, see




> Namaste all. For those who have not seen it yet, I received the link below from Swami Yogananda Saraswati , about the new DVD on Kalady. It does not yet seem to have appeared on the Amazon Sringeri website but looks worth buying. I am including Swamiji's message below to me.
> Lien permettant de voir les sept premières minutes du DVD d'un nouveau 
> documentaire sur Kalady à l'occasion du Centenaire de la découverte du 
> lieu exact de la naissance de Sri Adi Shankara par le 33e Jagadguru de 
> Sringeri Sri Saccidananda Sivabhinava Nrisimha Bharati en 1910.
> http://www.kaladyfilm.com
> In case list members are not aware, Swami Yogananda Saraswati is a French-born monk  		 	   		  
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