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Mon Jul 19 12:02:49 CDT 2010

In a certain tamizh play,Nilu says 'Mika kayla kudatha enna vena
pesidaratha' (IF one is given a mike,does it mean one can talk any

In the spirit of the above dialogue,and because this is a forum which has
allowed me to become a member and I have an internet connection,let me say a
few words.

Srivaishnavas have dravida vedam(Tiruvoimozhi),Madhvas consider puranas
almost at par with Vedanta,Vaishnavas of North India place Bhagavatham above
everything else.

The Advaitins inspite of their immense affection for Bhagavatham do not
'place' it on 'par' with the Prasthana Traya.Sri Chandrasekhara Bharati
Mahasvaminaha has expressly opined that puranas are for madhyama
adhikaris.The Puranas were specially composed for stris and shudras who had
limited opportunities in the past.Sri Abhinava Vidyatirtha Mahasvaminah has
said that even those of manda buddhi on listening to puranas
yaddhrucchaya(by chance due to past punyas) are benefited when the Lords
glories enter us through our ears.Other wise what right do I have,for
instance,to talk about Avataras and Mahapurushas.In ordinary life,we check
competence of others.THe Grace of Iswara is boundless.

Sri Suka,says in his final sermon to Parikshit,that the 'stories' need not
be taken to be literally true but are meant to inculcate Bhakthi to the
Lord.They are not free from the defects of exaggerations and
contradiction.Yet shraddha towards Ishta Devta is the first step in Sadhana
for most.Prakriti is not free from the dosha of tri gunas.Ishwara is above
all these yet the Avatharas take place in the realm of prakriti and our
perceptions and the reporting of Avataras might not be perfect.

Is it not said in the Narayaneeyam that the Lord is beyond the limitations
of Kaala and Desha.Sri Abhinava Vidyathirtha Mahasvaminah says Brahman is
not limited to Vrindavana or Ayodhya or by the Yugas.Should we really worry
so much about the portrayal of Sri Rama and Sri Krishna when it is He who is
protecting us from our worries.Acharyal has said that a devotee can worship
Sri Rama as an ideal man.What would such a devotee seek? May be the ideal
qualities as a son or to be a follower of Dharma.If one see Sri Rama as
Brahman then let us seek the Knowledge of Liberation from Him.

I want to recount a recount a story from the SriVaishnava tradition.A
Srivaishnava was commenting on Ramayana in the Malainaadu(present day
Kerala,BTW Sri Ramayana has an exalted place in the Srivaishnava
tradition).The scholar asked his students what they had learnt from
Ramayana.Those whose know tamizh can try to get the original version to
appreciate the tamizh original.One said Sri Rama's Avatara was to inculcate
Pitru Bhakthi and Matru Bhakthi.The commentator asked the disciple to do
service to his parents.Another replied,that even if Iswara takes Avatara,he
has to undergo the pains associated with a body.This disciple was asked to
do Atma Vichaara.The third replied that the only purpose of human life was
to surrender to Sri Rama and this was the central import of the Ramayana.The
commentator asked this disciple to spread the message of Ramayana.

Dear members,please take my rambles for whatever it is worth.

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