[Advaita-l] A Question on prArabdha

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This a Christian doctrine, that Christ/Jesus suffered for the sins of others. A 
bad idea.



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>Pranaam to all,
>About prarabdha of avatara, Poojaneeya Sadhu Gopala Swamikal of Poojapura
>Thiruvananthapuram,Kerala,who was  Brahamavdwarya as Swami was well received
>saints like Sri Ramana  Maharshi, and Sri Vidyadhiraja Chattmbi Swamikal
>with Karpooraarathi when they met each other,in one of the lectures
>(published as ARUL MOZHIKAL in Malayalam) says that *prarabdha of an avthara
>is derived from samashty*


Thank you for posting this - by far the best explanation I have come across.

hari om.


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