[Advaita-l] The human aspect of Jnanis

Murali S muralivenkat67 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 15 06:02:46 CDT 2010

Dear members,

A koopa manduka like me cannot resist interfering in this discussion.Iswara
is the creater and sustainer of all.Yet Sri Krishna says that arjuna is dear
to him.Sri Krishna admonishes Duryodhana and punishes Kamsa and Sishupala.Is
Sri Krishna guilty of defects.The Lord has created the Varnashrama Dharma
and this world is unequal in so many ways.Does it mean Ishwara is at
fault?Lord Narasimha killed hiranyakashipu and blessed prahlada.The
'Paritraanaya Sadhunaam' verse is well known.

The Advaita sampradaya avers the Jnani is Iswara without the power of
creation.I am sure learned members can give quotations like 'Iswara Guru
Atmati' from Dakshinamurthy Stotram.So why cannot a Jnani admonish a bad
person or commend a good person.The Jnani has affection for a pious
devotee,'avoids' a 'dambika' from a vyavaharika perspective.

It is quite possible that devotee attached to the Jnani has that lingering
memory of the Jnanis discrimination which must have made a deep impact in
the mind of the devotee at the stage of creeper like devotion of the devotee
who needed the cuddling support of the mother and even more love of the
Jnani against the big bad elements of the world.

Sri Gurubyo Namaha.(from a dongi samiyaar)

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