[Advaita-l] jnAni & his biographical incidents

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Mon Jul 12 03:57:12 CDT 2010

Hare Krishna

A jnAni is the one who has transcended both the body and mind. His stand 
is not merely that he is not the body, but that he was never one at any 
point of time because it has been said in the shruti  that he is the 
absolute truth (i.e. brahman) itself.  Under these circumstances, if 
someone ascribes body, mind, intellect & paricchinna chaitanya to the 
adviteeya jnAni & says he too has kAma, krOdha then it is nothing short of 
blasphemy.  The adhyAsa (atasmin tadbuddhi) is that I am body, I am mind 
etc. it is just like seeing the snake in the rope. The jnAni has seen his 
reality to be the Truth, just as the snake is discovered in clear sun 
light to be the rope alone.   Once he realized that he was/is/will be 
devoid of any upAdhi saMbandhA, he is brahman only.  Thus, the body of 
Shri Shankara which we are seeing & acknowledging that he is the one who 
has written bhAshya, he is the one who cursed brAhmins, who is the one who 
for the sake of answering a gruhiNi's unnatural question on sex taken all 
the trouble to do 'parakAya pravesha' just to experience that 'lacking 
anubhava' in the body of another etc. etc. were only the creations of the 
onlookers’ fancy or just poetic ones in the biography, and they alone who 
were responsible for making these type of statements & attributing dehAtma 
buddhi to shankara/jnAni. But all these stories could never affect the 
jnAni like shankara, since the jnAni is nothing but truth and ONLY truth 
and had no body at all even he is living!! Thus if we see any talk about 
the apparent activities of the jnAni it is purely worldly or relative 
angle of vision which is nothing but avidyAkruta or  erroneous. So it is 
better not to ask questions about how a particular jnAni taken birth, 
lived and finally died. There can be somany fanciful incidents like this 
in biographies but one should realize that it is a matter for history 
alone, and does not hold water to prove jnAni's BMI in siddhAnta nirNaya. 
An authentic biography of a jnAni is impossible. Biographers can only 
record the history of only the body they assume or could see through their 
avidyA drushti.   But the jnAni is the changeless principle behind all 
bodies, and as such the jnAni transcends all these fanciful biographies.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!

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