[Advaita-l] Desire and its Management - A brief study

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>  'prkRti' is the other word used in the Gita and the  bhAShya for
> 'prArabdha': 'prakRti' (BG 3.33): 'prakRtirnaama pUrvakRta 
> dharmaadharmaadi
> samskaaraH ...'  (PrakRti / nature is the samskaara stemming from the
> dharma/adharma done in the past, *now manifesting at the start of the
> present birth*).

You are cent per cent correct.  'jnAnavAn api sadrshaM svasyAH prakrteH 
ceShThate' (BG 3.33) is the bija shloka for arjuna's question in verse 36. 
It is commented as impressions in the form of vice & virtues.

>  That is exactly what I mean by the term 'management'.  I certainly do not
> mean:  keep the desire.  The 'managing'  is eminently taught by the Lord 
> in
> 3.41:
management sometimes can mean living compromising while it should mean 

jnAnam in verse 3.39 is taken to mean mind. (jnAyate anena iti jnAnam manaH 
ucyate - gUDhArthadIpila).

mind is nothing full of vasanas -- in this sense desire management/mind 
management mean same.  desire arise in mind -- in this sense it is not 
managing desire after it arises, but managing the mind in such a way that 
lower tendencies do not arise.

'yatra viraktatva-mumukShayoH mandatA tatra shamAdeH marau salilavat 
bhAnamAtratA'. (VivekacUDAmaNi 30).

Thanks for appreciating the comments as complimenting and not countering 
your views.

In Shri Guru Smriti,
Br. Pranipata Chaitanya 

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