[Advaita-l] Desire and its Management - A brief study

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Fri Jul 9 19:48:49 CDT 2010

Nothing to be appreciated for possession of viveka nor to be blamed is the 

viveka which do not culminate is vairagya is no good.

desire management is not the technique preached in BG.

Lord is very emphatic in his teaching ' jahi shatrum mahabaho kAmarUpam 

From: "V Subrahmanian" <v.subrahmanian at gmail.com>

> In this shloka, the word 'jnAni' is used to mean: viveki.  He who has the
> viveka jnanam pertaining to vishaya-s and their binding nature.
>   9. It is not because of longing that the viveki gets this bhoga; it is
>   because of prarabdha.

>   13. The message of the shloka is:  Since it is the nitya vairee of the
>   viveki, one should take every step to thwart the bhoga at the beginning
>   stage itself, if possible.
> It would be good to study all the verses referred to above with the
> commentary.

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