[Advaita-l] Anadimatparambrahma

Shrinivas Gadkari sgadkari2001 at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 1 01:14:00 CDT 2010

I am going to add to an already confused issue.
From 15.16,15.17 we have uttama puruSa distinct from akSara puruSa.
We call this uttama puruSa - vAsudeva, parameshvara.
His sakti Adi mAyA is also referred to as akSara. The puruSa that operates 
within mAyA (is limited by mAyA) is akSara puruSa (paramAtmA). Hence 
it makes sense to place uttama puruSa above akSara puruSa.
From 8.3 we know that this akSara (Adi mAyA) is what is termed as
param brahma. Since uttama puruSa is beyond akSara (Adi mAyA),
from view point of uttama puruSa it seems okay to split 13.13 verse as: 
anAdi matparam brahma na sat tat na asat ucyate.
This split also agrees with 14.3 which says:
mama yonir mahat brahma tasmin garbham dadhAmi aham
(my womb is mahat brahma in that I provide the seed for foetus)
Also if param brahma is neither sat nor asat, we need something
above this param brahma for sat to emerge from it.
Also in shAkta texts, Adi mAtA is called param brahma. This
again falls in line with what has been said above. Note: Adi mAtA
is never called parameshvara, bhagavAn, but referred to as
parameshvarI, bahagavati. 
So without compromising advaita it is possible to use the above 
mentioned split of 13.13. Only that we are now giving param brahma 
a position next to uttama puruSa.
hari om.



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