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Sivaanandalahari - 87आशनं गरलं फणी कलापो
वसनं चर्म च वाहनं महोक्ष: ।
मम दासयसि किं किमस्ति शंभो
तव पादांबुज-भक्तिमेव देहि ॥ ८७ ॥

ASanaM garalaM PaNI kalApo
vasanaM charma cha vAhanaM mahokSha: |
mama dAsayasi kiM kimasti SaMBo
tava pAdAMbuja-Baktimeva dehi || 87 ||

Oh Sambhu, your food is poison; ornament is snake; dress is hides and
vehicle is big bull. Which of my requirements among them are you going to
give me? What do you have? Please grant me Bhakti to your lotus feet.


**hE sambhO = *Hey! the bestower of sukham!
*thava* = to you;
*asanam* =the food;
*gharalam* = the aalaahala visham;
*kalaapa:* = the ornament;
*paNee* = sarpam;
*vasanam* = vasthram;
*charma* = (elephant's) skin;
*vaahanam cha *= the vehicle;
*mahOksha:* = the huge bull;
*atha:* = therefore;
*kim* = what;
*dhaasyasi *= would you give;
*mama *= to me;
*kim* = which of the above;
*asthi *= would it be;
*paadhaambuja**bhakthimEva* = the bhakthi in your paadhapadhmam alone;
*dhEhi* = please give.

Hey! SambhO! you are the cause of sukham.  You remain the superior dhEvatha
among all the dhEvas.  Yet the food you seem to eat is the most venomous of
the poisons.  Your ornaments are the dreadful snakes.  Your vasthram on you
is the strange skin of an elephant. And above all you have an old slow
moving bull as your vehicle.  When such is the case what would you give me?
What is that you have that I might like?

AachaaryaaL's depiction that ParamEswara has nothing in his possession to
give him and openly wondering what would be that the Lord would be able to
give and thus tells Him that he can atleast allow him to do poojanam to his
paadhaaravindham.  The thaathparyam of this slOka is: Hey! PrabhO!
Everytime I do seva I have something in mind to ask you of and this results
in kaamya bhakthi only.  Therefore, Hey! ParamEswara! you have to teach me
the thathwam of 'brahma sathyam, jagan mithyaa' so I can consider sakalam as
thriNam and to do constant smaraNam of your paadhaabjam with nishkaamyam in
my mind.  ParvatheepathE!  This is the only thing that I have been begging
of you.

Nama: Paarvathee PathayE Hara Hara MahaadhEva!

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