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The text of this work along with a translation can be found in late S K Ramachandra Rao's book Tantric Practices in SriVidya

The Sharada 400 is a work on Srividya and it tries to correlate shankara's advaita with shrIvidya rituals..though the connection looks somewhat artificial.

On an aside I find the title a bit strange... It sounds something similar to "Shaiva practices in Shaiva Agama" . How else can shrIvidya be other than tAntrik in its outlook?

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Dear friends,
I understand that the Sringeri Math had given the Lalita Trishati bhashya (a tentric text) of Adi Sankara for publication. But there is also a Sarada Chatucchati (a tantric text) related to Mother Sarada. Has any member any information if the Sringeri math had published that or whether any copy of that is available from any other source?
Sunil K. Bhattacharjya

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