[Advaita-l] vAjapeya sacrifice

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On Wed, 27 Jan 2010, ML-Tamil wrote:

> Pranam to all learned list members,
> while reading the Agni PurAna I come across the vAjapeya sacrifice, but till
> now I didnĀ“t get an description of this sacrifice. So please, if there is
> anyone who knows, please give me some informations of this sacrifice. In the
> dictionary you find only that it is one of the 7 names ( kinds?) of Soma
> sacrifices. Please take this as a question only of interest.

Yes it is one of the seven soma sansthas.  It can only be performed by a 
Brahmana or Kshatriya.  It takes place in Sharada rtu.  It can start on 
Kartika Shukla 10 or Ashvina Shukla 10 and continues until the next amasa 
(thus 19-21 days)  The first day there is diksha and at the end a yajna 
called brhaspatisava.  In between soma yajnas are offered three times a 
day.  Thus as you can imagine it was extremely expensive and was very 
rarely performed.

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