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Sivaanandalahari - 83जनन-मृति-युतानां सेवया देवतानां
न भवति सुखलेश-स्संशयो नास्ति तत्र ।
अजनि-ममृतरूपं सांबमीशं भजन्ते
य इह परमसौख्यं ते हि धन्या लभन्ते ॥ ८३ ॥

janana-mRuti-yutAnAM sevayA devatAnAM
na Bavati sukhaleSa-ssaMSayo nAsti tatra |
ajani-mamRutarUpaM sAMbamISaM Bajante
ya iha paramasaukhyaM te hi dhanyA laBante || 83 ||

Even little happiness cannot be derived by praying to Devatas who are
subject to birth and death. There is no doubt about it . Only those who
worship here Lord Paramesvara who is beyond birth, has form with out death
and is accomapnied by Goddess Ambika can achieve fulfillment of the life's
objective and enjoy the bliss.

*jananamruthiyuthaanaam* = those who are subject to birth and death;
*dhEvathaanaam *= of those devathaas;
*sEvayaa* = by the service of bhajana;
*sukhalEsa:* = alpa sukhaas;
*na bhavathi* = is not obtained;
*thathra* = in that respect;
*samsaya:* = doubt;
*naasthin* = not there;
*yE* = those;
*ajanim* = without birth;
*amrutharoopam *= having the swaroopam that has no death;
*saambam* = who is with Ambika;
*easam* = ParamEswara who remains as the antharyaami of sakala praaNis;
*iha* = in this janmaa;
*bhajanthE* = if they worship;
*thEhi* = they alone;
*dhanyaa:* = qualified to attain mOksha in this janma itself;
*paramasoukyam* = that superior mOksha saamraajyam;
*labhanthE *= will attain.

Hey! ParamEswara! Among the births that one gets rarest is the human birth.
Why should the praaNis waste it by woshipping anya dhEvathas who are subject
to jananam and maraNam?  It is futile to think that one can get janma
saapalyam by worshipping anya dhEvathas.  (Pl. see slOka 34 and the
commentary thereon).

Therefore all the janthus should, without frittering their mind in the
pursuit of vishayaas all of which are merely useless, try to do bhajanam of
ParamEswara who is beyond creation and destruction.  Only then can this
janma become fruitful, otherwise 'punarapi jananam punarapi maraNam' will
become inevitable.

Aum Namasivaaya!

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