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*Hari Oum,*

Vardhraja ji seems to be having a point, but my info is also very limited.
Hence while I am forwarding what I have, I am quite conscious that there are
many illustrious members  in this forum, who can really enlighten us in this
respect .However, let me tell what I have gathered:

*A)Yuga callender:*
1) Pralay / disolution takes place at the end of  one Kalpa (Rest period of
I am not sure whether "kalpa bata" is the rescue vehicle w.r t this process

2) one Kalpa (one Day of Bramha) = 14 Manavantara(s) i.e period of each
 *Current Kalpa is "sweta Varah Kalpa"*

3)in this Kalpa 6 manavantaras have already elapsed (names available on
record) and *the current 7th Manavantara is called Vaivasatwa Manu*)"

4) one Manavantara= 71 chaturyugas (Satya/Kitya Yuga; Treta Yuga:Dwapara
Yuga; and Kali Yuga.

5) each Chaturyuga =12000 Deva varsh(s) (or Divya varsh; 4800 in
Kritya;  3,600 in Treta; 2,400 in Dwapara; and 1,200 in Kali)

6)one Deva varsh=360 Ahoratra(s) i.e Human years.

7) each Ahoratra=360   human/ Mortal-ays (day and night as we know)

 *B) Period of Bramha:*
And now, going upwards in the Cellestial Callender, I gather that :

i) One Divine year=360 days of Bramha (one Day-Kalpa and plus one night/Rest

ii) 100 Divine years = one Bramha varsh (period of one Bramha)

*C) count for  "Manu(s)*
It is also mentioned in the same context  that Bramha creats / appoints:

a)  14 "Manus" in one day (of Bramha)

b) 420 "Manus" in one month (of Bramha)

c) 5040 "Manus" in one year (of Bramha)

d) 504000  "Manus" in one Period (of Bramha)

*D) "Mahapralay*
Since it is said that "Vishnu" is the Supreme and Sole Creator, who appoints
Bramha , it is ony logical to visualise that there might be a
"*Mahapralay"*at the change over of each "Bramha
*" ie at the elapse  of504000 "Manu"(s)*
*.( Irequest the knowledgeble members to probably intervene here reg
terminalogy as well as calculations ,if any)*

E) T*he Cellestaial Canvas*
*It has also been envisioned that there are millions of"Bramha"s in the
BRAMHAND (universe), n at any given point of time of  KALAMAHA SINDHU.*
*(i could not correlate with C_(a) above. I shall read these references
again to clear the understanding).*

I stop it here with a humble request to be educated further.

 H*ari oum

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> Radhe Krishna
> Shriman Anbu Sivam wrote "But the Hindu belief is that the world started
> from the beginning of Kritha Yuga and it is millions of years back."
> I have different information on the same.  I may be corrected if I am
> wrong.
> "Krutha yugam" is the starting point of a cycle of chathur yugas and not
> the beginning point of the world.
> a manvantharam consist of a cycle of many chathur yugas in which krutha
> yuga starts again and again after completion of a cycle of chathur yuga.( I
> do not not recollect as to how many chathur yugas comprise of a
> manvantharam). This has happened as per vaidika beliefs immeasurable number
> of times and would happen for immeasurable number of times. As we say in
> sankalpas, our current manvantharam is "Vaivasvatha manvantharam"
> Creation of bhoogola khagola takes place after the same submerges in
> pralaya jalam.  As my knowledge goes, mahapralayam does not take place after
> the end of each cycle of chathur yuga ( I may be corrected if i am wrong)
> with warm regards
> Radhe Krishna
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