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Sivaanandalahari - 75कल्याणिनां सरस-चित्र-गतिं सवेगं
सर्वेङ्गितज्ञ-मनघं ध्रुव-लक्षणाढ्यम् ।
चेतस्तुरङ्ग-मधिरुह्य चर स्मरारे
नेत-स्समस्तजगतां वृषभाधिरूढ ॥ ७५ ॥

kalyANinAM sarasa-chitra-gatiM savegaM
sarve~ggitajnamanaghaM dhruva-lakShaNADhyam |
chetastura~gga-madhiruhya chara smarAre
neta-ssamastajagatAM vRuShaBAdhirUDha || 75 ||

Oh enemy of Cupid, leader of all the worlds and who has bull as the vehicle,
may you mount the horse of my mind, which has auspicious form, pleasing
gallop, fast, has the brain to understand and respond according to other's
gestures, flawless and beautiful.


he smaraarE = one who burnt down Manmatha the enemy In the matter of Moksha;
samasthajagathaam = all the combined lOkas;
Etha: = owner;
hE vrushabhaadhirooda = Hey! vrushabha vaahanaa;
kalyaaNinam = having all the kalyaaNa guNas;
sarasachithragathim = the vichithra manas of many different rasas;
savEgam = has the power of motion beyond the speed of light;
sarvEngithagnyam = having the knowledge of all subtleties;
anagam = without dhOshas;
dhruvalakshaNadyam = subha lakshaNas that are sthiram; well established
advaitha gnyana;
mama = my;
chEthasthurangam = the horse of the mind;
adhiruhya = mounting on;
chara = roam.

In the days of yore Thaarakaasuran was harassing the devas and they knew
only a son born to Siva and Parvathi would be able to vanquish this Asura.
In order to hasten this event the devas who were frustrated at Siva
remaining quiet on his longest thapas, asked Manmathaa to play his trick of
enticing Siva into a union with Parvathi. Manmatha who is unconquerable in
kindling the kaama in anyone shot his flower arrow at Siva . This disturbed
Siva's thapas and he opened his third eye of fury and instantly reduced
Manmatha to ashes. Such was the alertness and smartness of Siva. For burning
down Manmatha Siva got the name 'Smaraari'.

Hey! Smaraari! How smart can you be to be having an old and slow bull as
your vehicle? Hey! Vrishabhaadhirooda! Have you not seen my mind which is of
kalyaaNa guNa (kalyaaNinam), which is possessed of many vichithra rasas
(sarasachithraghathim), which is so very swift (savEgham), which is endowed
with the nuaces of behaviour (sarvEngidhagnam), which is faultless (anagham)
and above all which is possessed of the subhalakshaNaas that qualifies for
sivaayujya padhavi having attained the advaithagnaana of the greatest ananya
bhakthi (dhruvalakshaNaadyam)? Please take this horse of my mind
(chEthasthurangam) as your vehicle and roam around your domain in complete

SivOham, SivOham

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