[Advaita-l] Why holy mantras are chanted 108 times

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hariḥ oṁ

Namasté Shrinvis
Perhaps you can comment on this.
Regardng this 108 ratio distance...  This may be the case today, yet it is not a fixed number.
According to astronomers , the moon was much closer to the earth upon its forming.
They suggest the distance was about 30,000 km (18,641 miles)  when initially formed.
Today it is 384,000 km (239,000 miles ) away. The change in orbit increases about  3.8 cm (+/-) per year.

Hence today 108 works,  but would not have a million years ago ( a drop in the bucket in time)
Or a million years in the future. 38 km ( 23 miles)  per 1 million years.  

Any thoughts on this matter?



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Both sun and moon are roughly at a distance of 108 times their respective diameters. To figure this out does not require advanced measurement techniques. 
Take any circular disc and hold it at a distance of 108 times the disc diameter from the eye. At this distance the disc appears to be same size as sun or moon (subtends the same angle at eye - approx 0.53 degrees).

Thus we must necessarily conclude that 108 is a naturally occuring or even specially designed number.
(That sun and moon subtend almost the same angle when observed from earth might be more than a coincidence).

Further more it is said (I have no personal expereince of this) - there are 108 sakti cakra-s in in our body.
When all the 108 cakra-s are awakened, the person becomes equivalent of a divine avatar - or avatar is a person with 108 cakra-s fully active).

Hence the importance of number 108. 


Namaste Michael,
Regarding 108 to the sun - 108 does not equal the actual measurement:
The earth to the sun measured in the number of the sun's diameters. The sun is 1.4 million km (870,000 miles) in diameter. The avg. distance to the sun is 149 million km ( or 91 to 94.5 million miles). So this math gives you 106 to 107 of the sun's diameters from here to Surya (sun). 

Regarding 108  Upaniṣad-s vs. the potential of 1180 One may ask, How many potential upaniṣad-s are there? As many sakha-s सख ( tree ) or branches, some call recensions found in the veda. But how many? Well, the ṛg veda has 21 recensions, yajur veda (from yajus - worship, sacrifice) has 109, some say 101; the sāma veda (from sāman - song or tune; and sā is 'sin destroying') has 1000; The atharva veda (atharvan - brahmā's eldest son to whom he revealed the brahma-vidyā) has 50 recensions & some say there are 9 . 
Hence a total of 1,180 recensions. From a numbers perspective this 1180 can be viewed as 1+1+8+0 = 10 , the sum of the digits of 1,180. This 10 says Fullness of the Relative field of life = 1, and Fullness of the Absolute level of life or 0. This 10 is the Fullness of saguṇa + nirguṇa = Brahman. The subject of 10 has been discussed in past posts for those that have interest 


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