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Dear Sadananda:
Add advaita-l at lists.advaita-vedanta.org to address-boo and that may resolve your problem of not receiving the e-mails from Advaita-L.
The smart SPAM Filter may be only recognizing the recipient list from the address-book.
Hope this helps !  Are back in US ?

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Michael - PraNAms

I have not seen my post in my computer yet. The test is not complete yet.

This question of new members and introduction to Vedanta came some time back in the other list also. Hence I wrote a series of articles which Shree Dennis Waite has put them in his website - <www.advaita.org.uk>. They can also be accessed through <www.advaitaforum.org> under the list Introduction to Vedanta. It will connect to Dennis website. 

Hope this helps 

Hari Om!


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