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Sivaanandalahari - 68
अमितमुदमृतं मुहुर्दुहन्तीं
विमल-भवत्पद-गोष्ठ-मावसन्तीम् ।
सदय पशुपते सुपुण्य-पाकां
मम परिपालय भक्‍तिधेनु-मेकाम् ॥ ६८ ॥

amitamudamRutaM muhurduhantIM
vimala-Bavatpada-goShTha-mAvasantIm |
sadaya paSupate supuNya-pAkAM
mama paripAlaya Bak^tidhenu-mekAm || 68 ||

Oh merciful Pasupathi, Please protect my cow of Devotion, which yields
unlimited ambrosia of happiness, which lives in the cowpen of your holy feet
and which is the fruit of my good deeds.


*he pasupathE* = HeY! PasupathE!
*amithamudhamrutham* = that milk called amrutham that gives exceeding
*muhu:* = often;
*dhuhantheem* = milking;
*vimalabhavathpadhaghOshtam* = In the cowpen of your faultless
*aavasantheem *= living;
*supuNyappakaam* = manifesting as many of puNyaathmas;
*mama* = my;
*bhakthidhEnum* = the pasu called bhakthi;
*hE sadhaya* = Hey! PrabhO! who protects the praaNis with kindness;
*paripaalaya* = do your rakshaNa of me.

Hey! PrabhO! You protect the praaNis with kindness.  The sruthi 'rasO vai
sa:' is the  brahmaanandham that is taught.  I consider it as the milk
called amrutham of the greatest mahimaa.  The cows that give this wondrous
milk live in the cowpen that is none other than your faultless
saraNaaravindham.  One of the cows in that cowpen is my own bhakthi in the
form of a pasu.  This pasu is not an ordinary pasu.  As the saasthra says
"bahoonaam janmanaamanthE sivabhakthi: prajaayathE" this cow has taken many
forms due to crores of puNyas done in many janmas, yet as the sruthi says:
"EkamEvaadhvitheeyam brahma" remains only ONE.  You have to save and protect
this pasu.

The swaarasyam of the use of the word *bhakthidhEnum *in this slOka is that
bhakthi should be known as the cow.  Also that bhakthi has to be ONE viz. it
has to be ananya bhakthi.  That is it has to proclaim its goal of
jeevabrahma aikya saakshaathkaaram.  The saasthras roar that in its body all
remain composed.  That is, by calling that ananya bhakthi as the cow, it has
to be understood that all forms of bhakthis are contained in this cow.

Therefore, Hey! ParamEswara! This cow of ananya bhakthi is endlessly
yielding and overflowing the milk of sivaanandhaamrutham and I am constantly
drinking it enjoying the kuthoohalam of sivaanandham.  Therefore Hey!
PrabhO! you have the ability and responsibility to protect this cow called
bhakthi.  If you do not perform this task then in time this ananya bhakthi
would turn into dwaitha bhakthi and would turn barren and not yield the milk
of adhvaithaamrutham.  Therefore Hey! ParamEswara! You should herd this cow
in the field called 'brahmasathyam' where the green grass called 'thath
thvam asi' is lusciously growing.  Then only this bhakthi pasu of mine will
be strong enough to keep yielding the milk of adhvaithaamrutham.

In order to ward off the objection that the anya dhEvathas could also be
cowherds bhagavathpaadhaaL uses the insightful word 'PasupathE' indicating
that he is the owner of that Pasu.  That is according to "pasoonaam
brahmaadhijeevaanam pathi: paalaka ithyartha:" it should be understood that
brahmaadhi sakala dEvathas have to be understood as pasu only. And Siva is
Pasupathi.  He alone knows the paripaalanam of the pasus.  That is why
bhagavathpaadhaaL asks of Pasupathi to do his paripaalanam.

Pasupathi maharaaj ki Jai!

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