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Sivaanandalahari - 64
वक्षस्ताडनमन्तकस्य कठिनापस्मार संमर्दनं
भूभृत्पर्यटनम् नमस्सुरशिर: कोटीरसंघर्षनम्
कर्मेदम् मृदलस्य तावकपदद्वन्द्वस्य गौरीपते
मच्चेतोमणिपादुकाविहरनम् शम्भो सदाङ्गीकुरु ॥ ६४ ॥

vakShastADanamantakasya kaThinApasmAra saMmardanaM
bhUbhRutparyaTanam namassuraSira: koTIrasaMgharShanam
karmedam mRudalasya tAvakapadadvandvasya gourIpate
maccetomaNipAdukAviharanam Sambho sadA~ggIkuru || 64 ||

Hey , Consort of Gowri,
Your tiny tender pair of feet is engaged,
In kicking at the chest of God of Death,
In trampling over hard hearted Apasmara,
In traveling on the mountains,
And in being beside the crowns on the heads of Devas,
Who prostrate before you.
Oh, Lord Shambhu,
Always recognize and be pleased to wear,
The gem studded shoes of my mind and travel.


**hE sambO* = Hey! Sukham giving ParamEswara!
*anthakasya* = of yama;
*vakshasthaadanam* = giving a kick with your left leg on the chest (of
*katinaabasmaarasammardhanam* = doing dwamsam of the hardened and
unremovable agnyaana and taking it out root and stem;
*bhoobhruthparyadanam* = roaming the mahaa kailaasa parvadham;
*namathsurasira: kOteerasangarshaNam* = the rubbing of the kireetams of
those Devas who are doing namaskaaram;
*idham *= these four;
*mrudhalasya* = very soft;
*thaavakapadhadwandhwasya* = to the two holy feet;
*karma* = the aforesaid works (is it logical, just for you?)
(*atha:* = therefore;)
*hE gowripathE* = Hey! PaarvathipathE;
*macchEthOmaNipaadhukaaviharaNa**m* = walk with the two hardened chapals (my
*sadhaa* = always;
*angeekuru* = approve without any objection.

Hey! SambO!  Hey! ParamporulE! You are the the root cause of sukham.  Yet,
when I think of everyone of your actions I could not stand it.  You have
such a soft feet yet how are you able to bear them being used for those hard
jobs?  For example, Yama has iron like chests but you used your soft foot to
kick him and push him far away in order to protect MaarkandEya.  Did you not
have any other weapon to ward him off?  You could have used the soolam or
parasu.  Why did you have to give such hard job to your softest feet?  I
could not even bear to think that it could have hurt your foot. Is it the
only himsa you did to your feet?  You did dwamsam of the hardened and
unremovable agnyaana raakshasan with your two lotus feet and took him out
root and stem.  Again did you not get any weapons at all to get rid of him?
And added to this you are roaming with your consort on the pebble and thorn
infested rocks of Kailaash.  I shudder to think of the pain and suffering
those two feet have undergone.  Hey! PrabhO!  Hey! KarunaamoorthE! Added to
the injury the Devas in the name of doing namaskaaram to your holy feet come
and rub those soft feet with their kireetams.  Those devas never remove
their kireetams when they prostrate at your feet.  They only care to have
their wishes fulfilled and they do not for a moment think that it would hurt
your feet.  Thus your feet have been subjected to suffering by your kicking
of the chest of Yama, doing dwamsam of the raakshasa, roaming on the thorn
and pebble infested paths on the mountain and being hurt by the crowns of
the devas.  Is there any nyaayam in this?  To emphasize that there is no
nyaayam in this AachaaryaaL exclaims with the sambhOdhana "GowripathE" to
bring to our attention that Gowri is of utmost soundaryam, sowkumaaryam and
laavaNyam.  She has him as her bhartha and this hilites the enormous beauty
of the body of ParamEswara.  'GowripathE' is the call coming out of
AachaaryaaL's melted heart.  So he entreats Gowripathi:
   Please wear a footwear so the feet are not hurt and the best footwear O!
ParamEswara! would be my mind (that is hard and will last for ever)!

In BajagOvindham, AachaaryaaL says:

angam galitham palitham mundam dhasanaviheenam jaatham thundam |
vruddhO yaathi gruheethavaa dhaNdam thadhapi na munjathyaasaapiNdam ||

In this world the body wears out, the head gets bald with sparse grey hair
here and there,  the teeth get lost and the sakthi disappears needing a
stick to lean on yet people do not part with the bag of desires.  Hey!
ParamEswara! I am a sanyaasi.  I did not become a sanyaasi after having had
the bhOgam of lOkasukham.  You know that in my seventh year itself I have
forsaken everything and did the sweekaaram of sanyaasa aasrama.  I have not
completed even sixteen years now.  You should therefore be convinced that I
have no desires at all and therefore you should not think that I offered my
mind as your chappals with any ulterior motive.  My sanyaasa aasramam itself
is proof that I am nishkaamyan.  Therefore Hey! PrabhO!  Please, please
accept my mind as your chappals having been offered to you by this
nishkaamyan with boundless prEma and with superior ananya bhakthi.

The saaraamsam of this slOka is that sakala praaNis should do samarpaNam of
their minds in the paadhaabjam of Gowripathi and get sabalam of their
dhurlabha maanusha janmaa.  Moreover sivabhakthi occurs only because of
punya done in crores of janmas and therefore the chance should not be
wasted.  "Bhahoonaam janmanaamanthE sivabhakthi: prajaayathE'  is the
saastra that is the pramaaNam for this.

Hara Hara Nama: Paarvathee pathayE!  Hara Hara Namasivaaya!

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