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Tue Jan 5 23:12:00 CST 2010

Sri Appaya Dikshitar, a great Advaita Acharya and considered by some as a reincarnation of Sri Bhagavadpada, composed the following verses which I thought I would share with the rest of the members:

 maulau ganga shashAnkau

 kara caraNa talE shItalAngA bhujangAha

 vAmE bhAgE dayArdrA himagiri tanayA

 candanam sarvagAtrE 

 Ittham shItam prabhUtam

 tava kanakasabhA nAtha sODum kva shaktihi

 cittE nirvEda taptE yadi bhavati na tE

 nitya vAsO madhIyE 

On your matted locks you carry the crescent Moon and Mother Ganga as your ornaments. Your feet and hands are covered by cool serpents. On your left side is the Compassionate Mother, the daughter of Himavaan, Uma Devi. Your entire body is covered by sandalwood paste.
Oh Lord of the Golden Cosmic Hall (Sri Chidambaranatha) how do you get the Power (Shakti) to withstand so much of great coldness? Oh, as You are doing nithyavaasam in my heart/chitta (You are forever in my mind/heart) which is burning due to the flames of Thapa of my sins, so indeed you are not cold even though you are having the above mentioned ornaments!
Sriram Nagaraj

--The inner Light illuminates our minds--


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